Hostel vs Hotel: Pick a Perfect Place within Budget

Travelling and sight-seeing can be adventures but all boils down to journey expenses. Booking comfortable and budget friendly- flights, spending money on tourist attractions, shopping can be a challenge sometimes. Furthermore, a comfortable and inexpensive accommodation to stay. Will the hotel and its rooms or beds look like as they are in pictures? Would your expenses mount?

hostel vs hotel

Fortunately, travellers have more options nowadays. Not just hotels, you can opt for comfortable and best price hostels. You can find really genuine and good hostel rooms, friendly staff, healthy meals. Moreover, you get to experience the city the way a local does. Culture of hostels in Europe are popular for several years but also recently caught on in the US and Canada.

What to expect in hostels? Nowadays, one can find many budget-friendly hostels. When you share a room with others, you’re also sharing the cost, making them affordable and budget-friendly. You can even choose to have your own private room. Along with it, you get plenty of common spaces such as fully equipped kitchens, barbecue areas, entertainment rooms, swimming pools around. Private rooms are suitable for couples, families, group of friends but the price remain the same- cheap.

Another reason is you get to meet friendly and more knowledgeable staff. Ask them anything. Cheap places to eat, sightseeing, ways and directions. You’ll not find useful tips in maps or guidebooks. There’s more neighbour connectivity with other guests as compared to guests at a hotel. It’s easy to share your passion for travelling and other outdoor activities with them. Just need to strike a conversation with them.

Living a life like a local is another reason guests choose to stay at the hostel. The experience itself matters most. Good hostels are like a home away from home. Strangers become friends and you’ve a friendly staff who would be less formal and would go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

You can get free walking tours, weekly bar crawls, and group activities that allow you to meet others and explore the city at the same time. You can even find ample amount of space for children playing.

What to expect in hotels? If you choose to live a luxurious lifestyle, hotels can be a good choice. The culture is more formal here. A staff working to serve you always. Some form of restaurant, bar or coffee shop you can find to chill out. Most likely, you can get free gym or training facilities.

The room service might be available for laundry or delivering food if you want to your room. However, it can be expensive or charge you more money. Spaces are more limited like it may or may not have a huge park for children to play. You can take a dip into swimming pools inside the area.

Making your choice. So, all depends on your preferences, budget, pros and cons of hostels and hotels. Hotels can be a good choice if your budget is flexible.

Whereas hostels are a good choice if you plan to save money, the real-world and unique experiences of the place, and engage with other travellers. Such a hostel is just a click away. So, what are you waiting for? Come, live a life-time experience with us at Norway!