From Kr. 550,- 700 (Single beds)


From Kr.750,- 900,- ( (Single beds)


From kr.900,- – 1000,- ( 1 single bed and one bunk)


From kr.1200,- – 1400,- ( 2 x bunk beds)


Nok.1500,- ( 24 sqm)





Free public transport
Free entrance museums and sights
Discounts on sightseeing, activities and restaurants

Oslo Pass Norway - Cost, Transport, Attractions and Discounts

Buy Oslo pass by hi oslo holtekilen to avail free public transport, tours to attractive places and museums, discounts and many other services.

What is Oslo Pass?

Oslo pass is is basically the card that provides profitable benefits to tourists who want to visit the Oslo city with many discount offers. The Oslo pass is sold by VisitOslo company that is organized as a corporation.  The company runs tourist information in Oslo and the official website with an active role in various project collaborations that impact Oslo.

Oslo City Pass Benefits

You can enjoy many profiting facilities with oslo pass for your tour around the Oslo region that can save your time and money. You can enjoy the following services with this card.

  • Free entrance to more than 30 museums. 
  • Free entrance to attractions. 
  • Free public transport facility around the Oslo region.
  • Free entry to outdoor swimming pools and walking tours.
  • Discounts on sightseeing, ski simulator, Tusenfryd Amusement Park, concert tickets, climbing, ski rental
  • Special discounts on restaurants, sightseeing and services.

Oslo Pass Cost

Oslo pass cost packages list varies by age to age. These packages are categorised into three classes for children, adults and seniors. The list of oslo pass prices in mentioned below.



  • 24 hours: 445 NOK (≈ 46 EUR) 
  • 48 hours: 655 NOK (≈ 67 EUR) 
  • 72 hours: 820 NOK (≈ 84 EUR)


  • 24 hours: 350 NOK (≈ 36 EUR) 
  • 48 hours: 520 NOK (≈ 53 EUR) 
  • 72 hours: 655 NOK (≈ 67 EUR) 


  • 24 hours: 235 NOK (≈ 24 EUR) 
  • 48 hours: 315 NOK (≈ 33EUR) 
  • 72 hours: 410 NOK (≈ 42 EUR) 

Oslo Pass Discount

You can avail many discounts using oslo pass. These discounts are briefly described as.

  • Along with the Oslo Pass, you will receive the Oslo Pass booklet, describing all the benefits for Oslo Pass holders
  • Children: The Oslo Pass for children is valid for children from 6 to 17 years of age
  • Seniors: The Oslo Pass for seniors is valid for seniors from 67 years of age. Please show your ID card at one of our sales points in Oslo in order to claim the senior discount.
  • Student discount: 20 % student discount only applies to students under 30 years of age with a valid student ID card with photo and semester card, or a valid ISIC card (not ISIC bank card). To get the discount you must buy your Oslo Pass at Oslo Visitor Centre or from Ruter’s Customer Service Centres at Trafikanten, Aker Brygge or Oslo Airport. 
  • We offer a  20 % discount for school classes visiting Oslo as a group. The offer applies to elementary school and middle school groups (ages 6–16), and both pupils and teachers get a discount. To get the discount you must buy the Oslo Pass at the Tourist Information Centre in Oslo.  

Oslo Tourism Card Validity

The Oslo Pass is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours from the moment you validate the card by writing the time and date in the space provided, or activating it in the Oslo Pass app. From that moment, the pass is valid for the number of hours indicated on it.

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