A relatively modest yet spectacular, Royal Palace is the seat of residence of the royal family. Built for the Swedish (infact French) King Karl Johan, the palace was not occupied before 1905, after his death. His only son Oskar I and daughter-in-law Josefine were the first royals to move in. The palace was greatly modernised under the present monarch, King Harald V.

What’s most exciting? One-hour guided tours are available during summers of its interiors. So, you can actually see how the royals’ daily life or routines might be like. You get to visit a dozen rooms like the Cabinet Cloakroom, Banqueting Hall, Mirror Room, the Palace Chapel, and a lot more. The palace is very much approachable that’s quite a contrast to other palaces. You would see children playing, families and tourists taking pics from a few miles away from the main entrance door.

How to get there? All westbound lines (t-bane) can take you to National Theatre and from there you can simply walk down all the way to the palace. For more info on guided-tours and opening hours, please visit here.

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